Fitstop was founded by Ace, who humbly initiated its first outdoor class in Jan 2018 with only a handful of students. The aim was to bring the gym to people all around the island, especially in the neighbourhood areas, who wanted to learn Muay Thai and improve their fitness. With the support of friends, family and definitely our students, more classes started commencing officially in March. From Jurong to Bishan, Yishun, Sengkang and Punggol. Today, Fitstop has over 100 members in our open group trainings and many more who are engaging our Private Training services for personal, buddy, group, corporate and school events. Over the years, Fitstop had many upgrades to our mobile gym truck, increased the variety of fitness equipment, and of course our Muay Thai and Muay Boran syllabus. With our commitment and passion, we have even been featured on media platforms numerous times such as Straits Times, Channel 8, Channel U, and more!


Impart the art of Muay Thai, while enhancing fitness, by bringing the gym to you anywhere in Singapore.


Provide a safe training environment with effective programs which can benefit anyone, from beginners to advanced students. Classes will include multiple aspects of fitness such as cardiovascular, strength and conditioning, stretching, sandbag workouts, partner drills and pad work.


Empower individuals with values of respect, discipline and confidence to pursue a healthier way of life through Muay Thai and fitness.


As Fitstop classes are conducted outdoors, we are exposed to the surrounding environment such as inclement weather, uneven ground and limited space. Wherever and whenever possible, Fitstop and its instructors will practise due diligence to ensure the safety, cleanliness and quality of training. Thank you for your understanding!
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