Muay Boran

Muay ThaSao
Muay Korat
Muay Lopburi
Muay Chaiya

There are four style that muay boran have developed, Muay Thasao, Muay Korat, Muay Lopburi, Muay Chaiya.

Muay Thasao (North Thailand), Emphasis on speed, especially fast kicks. This variation of muay boran was dubbed “ Ling Lom” or windy monkey.
Muay Korat (East Thailand). Emphasis on strength. A technique unique to this style is the “Throwing buffalo punch” named because it is supposed to take out a buffalo in one blow.
Muay Lopburi (Central Thailand ). Emphasis on crafty, technical movement. This variation favors straight punches and hooks.
Muay Chiya (South Thailand). Emphasis on good posture and defense. This style favors elbow and knee strikes.

Since each style had it’s own strengths, a complete fighter was said to: “Punch Korat, Wit Lopburi, Posture Chaiya, Faster Thasao”. Muay Thai only came about because of the peoples love of the art so it was developed into a ring sport. The lethal brakes and death strikes were removed and rules were applied to the sport because of the serious and sometimes fatal injuries that resulted during bouts.
Muay Thai is Thailand’s national sport and a martial art. Often called or known as “Thai Boxing” outside Thailand. Fighters use punch, elbow, kick and knee to fight.

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