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By accessing and/or using, you accept and agree to be bound by these terms, just as if you had agreed to these terms in writing. By clicking on the button labeled "PURCHASE", "CHECK OUT", "SUBMIT", "BOOK NOW", "I ACCEPT", or any other such similar links as may designated by Fitstop Mobile Gym to accept the terms and conditions which is equivalent to submitting an electronic signature on a legally binding document. If you do not consent, do not engage Fitstop Mobile Gym, use for purchase of credits and/or products, and/or join our classes.


In consideration of Fitstop Mobile Gym accepting you for the purpose of providing martial arts and/or fitness classes, you agree that neither Fitstop Mobile Gym nor any agents or employees shall be liable for any loss, damage or theft of any property and/or belongings to you or any of your guests occurring at the training premises. Neither Fitstop Mobile Gym nor any agents or employees shall be responsibility for any death, personal injury and/or illness occurring at the training premises or as a result of the training received during any of our classes provided or as a result of the supervised use of the equipment or training area or otherwise. Fitstop Mobile Gym will instruct and conduct classes in a professional and safe manner to the best of our ability to provide a positive and safe experience for you. It is the individual's responsibility to adhere to our instructions and the individual may choose to stop training at any point of time, should s/he feel unwell.


Fitstop Mobile Gym conducts its training outdoors or at the specified location agreed between the member and us. Fitstop Mobile Gym does not provide any insurance coverage and the individual member(s) are responsible for having their own personal insurance coverage when participating in any of our classes.


All payments made to Fitstop Mobile Gym will be non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable in part or in full. Full payment is required prior to receiving of products, credits top-up and/or any confirmation of booked services such as corporate events, courses and any other services Fitstop Mobile Gym provides. Prices are as per quantity of credit packages stated on, unless otherwise stated on official quotation document as per agreed within all parties.


All products sold are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable in part or in full. Clothing products can only be switched if they are collected at the truck due to sizing or defect issues on the day of collection. Delivery purchases are not entitled to this process.


Fitstop Mobile Gym will charge additional fees on any/all services, should the member requires the classes to be held at Central Areas (e.g. CBD area) or Sentosa island. Extra trainer(s), increased number of participants in the class, longer duration of training or necessary equipment will all require an additional fee to be agreed upon and charged also. All fee prices will be disclosed to the member/client before agreeing to make payment. Prices are as stated on or as reflected on official quotation document. Such fees are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable in part or in full.


Any promotions that includes issued coupons, discount codes or special rated prices will have no extension deadline or re-issue and strictly adhere to the stated terms and conditions. Fitstop may cancel your order, class booking or membership account at our sole discretion without prior notice to you, if suspected fraudulent activity or misuse of accounts has been used in the transactions. Fitstop Mobile Gym reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions and/or cancel any promotions without prior notice. All promotions priced services/products are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable.


All credit(s) paid for are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable in part or in full. All credits have a validity period of use to book specified classes such at Group Training (GT) and Private Training (PT). Credit(s) will be used to book the specified timeslots available and specified type of class. The validity periods are as stated in the member's account on, and the SMSes sent to the member's phone number, the former takes precedence. Each credit package purchased will follow its specified validity period, no carry-over of unused credits into the next period, unless Fitstop Mobile Gym expressly communicate otherwise. If multiple purchases were made, the total credit balance will be stacked but the validity periods remains independent of each other. Any unused credits will be considered forfeited and removed from your account's credit balance when expired. Credit validity is solely the member's own responsibility to check and utilise before the expiration. Credit will expire 6 months from the date of purchase.


Accounts are approved by Fitstop Mobile Gym, to ensure the accounts are only for active members. The number of accounts are also controlled to ensure sufficient slots are available for members to book their classes on a regular basis. Any inactive member account will be deactivated and its data will continue to be stored in server for business record purposes. Accounts that has a "0" credit balance, due to full utilisation of class booking or expiration due to validity period deadline, the account will be deactivated. Deactivation is equivalent to the termination of membership with Fitstop Mobile Gym, which in this case, you voluntarily chose to do so. Should you request to join us again, contact Fitstop Mobile Gym to accept our terms and conditions again before the account gets re-activated. Do take note that if there are other individuals in the waiting line to join us, your request will be inserted at the back of that queue. Timings are based on server time.


Group Training (GT) classes are located at their respective time slots and locations. Booking slots will be opened 72 hours (3 days) prior to the start of each class. If the slots are full, you may join the waiting list to be notified of any vacant slot(s). Each time a slot is available, those on the waiting list will be notified and the waiting list will be reset for the next vacant slot. Each waiting list is only applicable to 1 slot per member, per account. Minimum booking for a class to commence is 4 pax, if not the class will be cancelled due to low attendance. The affected individuals would be informed by Fitstop Admin and their credits will be returned to their accounts, with no admin fee charged.

Private Training (PT) classes includes personal (1 pax), buddy (2 pax), small group (3-5 pax), big group (6-8 pax) and any other types of corporate or school training. Booking slots will be opened 30 days in advance and multiple bookings are allowed. An email and SMS will be sent to your email and phone number with your class booking and credit balance details after successful deduction. All bookings are on first come, first served basis and according to server time.


The website system will not allow any cancellations to the booked appointments by the member less than 12 hours before the start of any class. This will result in a no-show, which means forfeiture of credit(s) used for booking. Reasons such as MC, medical treatments, personal matters etc. will not be accepted at all. Booking and cancellation is solely the member's responsibility. If any amendments/cancellations are made by the member more than 12 hours prior to the start of any class, the credit will be returned to your credit balance within 24 hours from the end of the affected class, after deducting a 1 Credit Admin fee. Be aware that no extension of validity for the credit(s) returned will be given. In the case where Fitstop Mobile Gym cancels the affected class, the class credits will be returned to your account balance within 24 hours, with no admin fee charge. If credits have not been returned to you within 24 hours, do contact Fitstop Admin and we will rectify the issue.


Any refunds, cancellations or amendments requests made by the member will be subjected to an admin fee, of 1 Credit. E.g. Member books a GT class, cancels 24h before commencement of class, via the system, using their account. Their booking will be removed from the class, and the admin will return the affected credit into the member's account after deducting 1 Credit from the amount used to book the class. (GT cost 18 Credit, only 17 Credit will be returned by the admin). This applies to all GT & PT booked by the members. If Fitstop Mobile Gym cancelled the class, no admin fee will be charged and a full return of Credit will be given.


All quotation invoices are valid for 30 days from date of issue. Upon confirmation of the deal, 50% deposit payment is required. From the date of confirmation, when payment is received, the client will have 60 days to book their training time slot. This applies to single and multiple session(s) packages. If client does not book their session within 60 days since the date of confirmation, they will have been deemed to forfeit their deposit. Before the commencement of the booked training(s), 100% payment of the remaining amount is required. Any amendments/cancellations made to bookings are to be made at least 72 hours in advance if not it will be deemed as a no-show, which will count as the training session has been completed.


For private events of more than 30 pax, the client is required to apply for their own venue permit with the relevant authorities, such as SportSG, NParks, Community Centres etc. Permit application approval is also included within the 60 days period mentioned above for booking your training session with Fitstop Mobile Gym. Fitstop Mobile Gym will not be responsible for the failure to get venue approval.


All courses have a stipulated timeline and are subjected to a price quotation, based on number of participants. 50% payment deposit is required to confirm the deal and commencement of course is to start within 60 days from confirmation date. Full remaining payment is required before the first training session. Each session will be 1 hour long. Certificates are available and charged separately for each individual, prices are as stated on For those who have attended more than 80% of the total training hours, they will receive a certificate of merit. For those below 80% attendance, they will only receive a certificate of participation. All other fees like extra trainer, equipment and location surcharges etc. will apply.


Our grading certification is affiliated with Kru Muay Thai Association (KMA) and World Muay Boran Association (WMBA). The purchase of a grading booklet is required to record your rank progress from Khan 1 to 10. Certificates, Mongkols and Muay Boran uniforms are available at an additional cost too. Each rank level will require a fee to be paid for grade processing. Even if a student progresses multiple levels at once, s/he will still be required to pay the fee of each level passed. E.g. student advances from Khan 1 to 4, s/he will be required to pay the fee from Khan 1 to 2, 2 to 3, and 3 to 4. Grading is based on our Head Coach, Kru Ace (Khan 12) during any of our classes or an arranged grading day decided by Fitstop Mobile Gym. Grading criterias and details are as stated on


You understand and agree that Fitstop Mobile Gym requires personal details for business administration purposes such as membership records, account management, booking of classes, emergency cases etc. Examples of such details includes your name, home address, email address, phone number etc. Pictures and videos may be taken during any of our classes and such media content may be uploaded onto our website,, or any of our social media platforms. By default, you have no objections, however you may choose to inform us that you do not wish to be featured in any of such content at any point of time. All data collection will be strictly protected and used only for professional reasons.


All information disclosed by you is declared to be current and true. Any false or misleading information will lead to the termination of membership and void Fitstop Mobile Gym and its employees of any responsibility. You understand that there are risks associated with physical activity and may choose to stop training at any point of time. You are free from any known medical condition that may be aggravated by the physical exertion required, unless otherwise stated in the medical declaration completed prior. Please note that individuals who are below 16 years of age, according to birth date, require the consent of a parent/guardian whose contact details will be listed as their next-of-kin. Should you provide us with personal details of your child/ward, you confirm, declare and agree that their details are allowed to be used by Fitstop Mobile Gym. In the event of illness or injury, all reasonable steps will be taken to contact your next-of-kin, and that your injury or illness will be dealt with appropriately.

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